Grahpic cards.. need help!


Hi Hunters & Monsters!

I wanna buy a new Graphic card in the following days… can anyone give me some good advices? Should be about 200€ and just for gaming stuff…

Thanks in advance & wish u a good hunt :slight_smile:


Anyone have recommendations regarding Graphics Cards?

Personally, having owned many many AMD cards over the last few generations, I would happily recommend looking around at for an Nvidia GTX 770 or higher. Get one with >2GB vram if you can, but 2 will likely still be plenty for the foreseeable future.
I don’t hate AMD cards, but given the choice I personally think it’s worth paying a little extra for Nvidia. :smile:
(If you do go want to go AMD look around for an R9 290. I’ve been pretty happy with mine since I got it. (Also I have an AMD R9 290 for sale if anyone might be interested. :smiley:))


I don’t know much, but on Reddit they were saying to hold off buying new graphics cards. Apparently Nvidia is revealing some new card Sept 18th or so, and no one knows what will happen to current/older card prices until then. So, the advice is to wait and see what comes out and what happens to the prices.


In that case I take back what I said and now say wait a bit unless it’s urgent! :stuck_out_tongue:


The current 2-300 dollar range of cards would do you fine so spending 200€ in a few months before the game releases will be no issue. I was running a GTX760 during alpha and had no problems on high and it looked great. That was an early alpha build without optimizations or official drivers written with Evolve in mind so if you spend that much on any card I don’t think you’ll have much to worry about.


Same. GTX 760 is a great high end card that shouldn’t burst your wallet. I can run any game on the market right now on high.


The new generations for both cards are right around the corner. I believe nVidia is expected to unveil their next gen this month.

If you are looking for a good deal right now, AMD discontinued the R9 280 for R9 285. So currently the 280 can be found very cheap. AMD also just added 2 new games to their Never Settle Reloaded

For all things pc go to where you can organize by price, VRAM, reviews, etc., and even track prices on multiple sites.


From what I’ve read, you are correct. But 2GB is fine for running 1080, it runs into problems when you run multiple monitors or higher resolutions.


I have a GTX 770 with 2GB VRAM and I have had no problems with it at all. I only have a 1080p monitor with an extra small monitor that I only do stream stuff programs on. So if yo plan to only do one monitor, I highly recommend the GTX 770!


Yeah, I know. 2GB will likely be plenty for quite a while.
I just meant keep an eye out and if there’s one with more within your budget, might be worth the extra couple bucks for some extra future proofing. :slight_smile:


No harm in that I have a 7950 with 3GB , and I’m waiting on this generation perfectly fine. :smiley:


without getting into red vs green/blue debates, i have a little bit of input.

generally, the way i explain it to people is this: bang for your buck, amd has got you covered. they make great products, and often give you better middle to upper class performance for less cost. however, if you’re going for pure performance, you can’t beat intel/nvidia right now (not always the case). often times you end up paying an additional 80% for 20% better performance, but in these cases you’re not worried about stuff like that.

as to the vram stuff. 2GB is perfectly fine (for the time being) for 1080p. what vram allows you to do is load higher rez textures. if you’re playing higher than 1080p, or you’re planning on doing crazy realism mods for skyrim, you’ll probably want to find something with a bit more on card ram.

now, for advice on what to get. i always prefer to do my own research, and love to see other people to do the same. depending on the level of research you want to do, there are many resources on the net. for minimal amounts of research, i generally recommend they review tons of graphics cards and cpus. they go super in depth in their articles, explaining all kinds of stuff, or you can skip right to the benchmarks. these benchmarks show real world tests (actually playing the games) with other comparable products. i would check out some of their most recent articles, see which card you like the best in your price range. get the best one you can afford. what you can do in a few years when the card starts to fall off in performance is pick up another one and be right back in the spot you were today. over that time, your card will fall in price pretty considerably, but your performance should be back in a good spot.

with that method i’ve basically been able to skip everyone 1-2 generations and still play things in higher quality settings.


It depends on the rest of your setup. What is your CPU?


I use this website as well a lot, and also

Both of these websites have a ton of knowledge and also intelligent posts and discussions after every review.

(LOL I clicked on this link 3 times b4 I got the quote right)


Lots of answears! thanks to everyone!

So the general saying is that should wait about a month to get some cheaper cards y? :slight_smile:


Well, I think @ThePoolshark has a good point. A video card is only going to be as good as the rest of your PC setup. A great video card isn’t going to help you much if you have a small ammount of RAM, or a shitty CPU. What are the specs for the rest of your Rig?


I would say, as long as the majority of your rig is post 2010, you’re probably okay in the cpu/ram market, but it wouldn’t hurt to see what it is just in case.

As far as waiting, if you’re upgrading for a specific game, always wait till the game is about to come out. Prices will drop, new cards will come out, required specs will get released (remember, any advice for a specific card right now is guess work!), etc. I wouldn’t buy a card until around January (mmmm, those tasty tasty after christmas sales) if you’re just wanting one for Evolve. Of course, if you’re looking for an upgrade in general, or your current one is burned out you may not have the option of waiting.


kk, so i guess u guys can work with that:

My Pc from 2013:
Intel Core i7-2600 3.4Ghz 64Bit System
GForce GT530
8Gb DDR3Ram

u need more? :smile:

I will raelly need a new one for evolve (i wanna try streaming that awesome game… is just bad if it looks shitty :D) but i even cant play starcraft 2, bf4 etc on a high level…
But yeah maybe it is the best to wait until january


Tomshardware comes out with an article once a month best videocards for the money. And the 2nd to last page of the article is a heirarchy chart, so if maybe you see a couple cards in your price range you can use the chart to see which generally performs better in games.


you certainly don’t have the latest and greatest in the cpu department, but that should be fine to play games.