Got wrecked as Kraken, it can be done


Before my extended hiatus, my only 2 Monster losses were as Kraken. The Hunters had crazy coordination. In both instances, they had Bucket & Lazarus. In short, rather than jetpacking all over trying to find a good position, they walked & held their ground, saving jetpack to dodge.

Banshee Mines, Vortex, and Lightning were are all missing more often than not. I was unable to focus down any 1 target sufficiently. When I finally got a down away from the killbox (sentries, stasis), Bucket & Assault unloaded hard, giving time for Laz. Every single Hunter was on point with their headshots.

Kraken can be beaten, but the level of skill & coordination required means pubs will never see it.


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Me and my team just owned one lol, as jack I got above him and kept forcing his ass to the ground😂

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Jack can work against Kraken, but is so completely dependent upon terrain that playing him is a serious gamble. Either of the Stasis Trappers will work much better.


Or sunny to help you get above him :grin:


Anyone who thinks a good Kraken is some form of invincible is highly hunter biased.

As a Kraken main I’ve gone up against some great hunters, and those are always fun games but stressful. Lots of things to consider, especially with the new domes having 45 second recharge when perked properly and 1 second deployment.

My two losses came from Vivid Seraph and Chaos Vibe’s Xbox team. One of which was pretty close, but the second I got destroyed Stage 1. One single mistake or unfavorable trade can cost you. If you’re not landing your combos, you’re pretty much dead unless you’re mitigating extremely well while everything is going on. The new meta can be really harsh on the monster in the early game. If you make too many mistakes early, you set yourself up for defeat.

Lightning Strike is genuinely bad against a good team, it can be pretty easy to dodge with how slow it moves and Aftershock isn’t going to break a good team unless you’re catching multiple hunters out of position. Honestly, the best way to do it is try to catch Hunters out of position on a bad split and punish.

Good fun though, I always get excited seeing good Hunters in the lobby. Too bad all the ranked crashes descended my rank so much so I probably won’t see Gold hunters ever again in matchmaking. Kraken is definitely a fun monster to scrim with though, Golly is just way too stressful in his current state right now.


Oh man jack is awesome vs kraken. RF= no AS for kraken. I love. He just takes good positioning with the RF.