Got to my destination no problems! Atlanta was Chaos!


So my connection flight was smaller than my original delta flight (even though it was operated by delta the plane was a lot smaller and the overhead for carrying was depressingly small)

My flight from Norfolk to Atlanta arrived 13mins early, and they switched my flight from Atlanta to Baton Rouge from the original terminal (c42 which is close to my arriving terminal B14 to D14 so I jogged to the train! and took the train to D Concurse NAND jogged to the D14 gate/terminal and they started boarding as soon as I arrived, perfect timing! Would of liked to used the bathroom, but it was alright. The only thing I remember about Atlanta was chaos!!!

Luckily I packed the 22/14/9 carry on and a backpack and I was perfect. Got window seats. Will post 1080p 60fps video later.

The other problem: babies / 1yr olds / 4 yr olds. I had some noise canceling beats headphones so it wasn’t so bad. Very hot though had the personal air on and still was sweating.

However when I got to Baton Rouge I went straight to baggae claims and by the time I got their all the bags had been taken and I went to the delta section and they had my bag waiting, rental car, everything went smoothly. Thanks to all who gave advice.


I’ve got some advice: don’t go on an airplane. Tons of metal aren’t supposed to fly through the air at incredible speeds.


Looking for encouragement NOT PARANOIA!!! runs and hides


Well, the odds are in your favor that the pilot won’t be a suicidal psychopath.


I have not flown on an Airplane since I was very little, so I don’t remember much; other than looking out the window, and laughing maniacally at the ants that were below me. You feel like a god in the sky.
Okay, just kidding, but I don’t remember much; other than being interested by being so high in the air.

So I can’t offer much.


I knew I could count on you for something… Laughing at the ants on the ground while 40,000 feet in the air? That doesn’t make me laugh but it makes me feel badass…


Ants, being humans in that scenario.


You can’t actually see people. The view is nice if you don’t have vertigo or bad anxiety… only while taking off and before landing.



Much as I wish I could help I can’t, sorry. I’ve flown like twice in my life.


Well what did you do when you’ve flown? I’ve driven 22hrs straight out of fear of the TSA!! I don’t want them fuking up my shirts and ties!


I’ve flown through Atlanta a few times and will be again in May infact! Might be a slight issue with the 40 minute layover, but it all depends on what terminal you land in, and where your connection is. As my flights have landed in A and my connection is in F and it took me about 45 minutes (iirc) to get off plane, through security, onto the train to change terminal and then a long walk to my next gate; which was conveniently the last one on the whole corridor. I personally wouldn’t want a layover any less than an hour and a half, as it gives you a bit of breathing room if there are delays also.

So that might be something to consider. Unless you are a fast runner? But I don’t do running.


I’m 6’2’ 257lbs not running unless neccessary. I will hustle to the next terminal. If I have time then so be it

Main thing. Luggage !!!


Wait, you said no trolls and tagged me?! :grimacing:

It’s honestly been over a decade since I’ve been on a plane. You want to keep it lean; one carry on bag (if you’ve got a ‘carrion bag,’ then you’ve got bigger issues at check-in! :wink:) I’d call the airline or check their website about meds and fluids; I know some of the restrictions on stuff like that have been relaxed in the last few years. Wear shoes that are easy to pop-off. Layovers are subjective, so I wouldn’t plan to be out of the airport, and show up at least an hour and a half early to your starting flight.

That’s about all I can think of – hope your trip goes smooth!

Oh, and re: flying fears; there’s a better chance of something horrible happening to you in your bathtub than on a plane – unless you’re going to Malaysia! :laughing:


Thanks a lot! Not worried about the flight, worried about the TSA!


Yeah, just keep it lean and overcompensate for time. You’ll be fine!


Bring some gum and try to find something to relax to. Popping your ears is gonna be a thing when you fly out.


How about swallowing and pulling your ear lobe?


The pressure on your ears is too much for that to work out. The CO2 release from the gum will help out a lot faster and much better.


Won’t the TSA cavity search me for chemical weapons if I bring gum along???