Got the email really late on Saturday


The beta started on Aug. 1st yet I never got the email until Saturday. disappointed that i now have little to no time to play it.


they had a few rounds of invites go out. you must have been one of the later waves.


I got my invite this morning. Yea we missed a day, but just be grateful your going to get to play few rounds until the full release on OCT!


I’m screwed either way I got my code mid day, finally got it downloaded and installed but the game crashes on launch. I verified game cache, restarted, ran as admin and even disabled steam overlay but still the thing crashes. I don’t even get a crash report just evolve.exe has stopped working.


i cant even connect to the 2k servers “error 192”


@Donahue259, there is a thread for that issue:


Same here. I cannot play it due to work. Could have played Friday since it was my day off.


I just got mine an hour ago :frowning:. It’s still downloading and I got to work tomorrow at 4am. I’m not sure if I should call in sick…


Do it. You’ll be glad you did :smiley:


At least you got it!
And maybe because too many players left it’s my guess because I got my key too same as you.


Got mine late on Saturday too, but just got started playing it just now (like 12.30 am, Aug 3). Hope there will be more alpha.