Got my Pre-order code from Gamestop!


I went to my local Gamestop this morning to put some more money into my Evolve Pre-orders. I asked about the codes and they were able to print me one. The instructions say that download codes for the alpha will start being sent out between 10/24 and 10/29.


Let’s hope my single use code will get me in ( steam user :frowning: )


:frowning: i want one


Good to know. I will have to drop by my local store sometime and see if they are available for pick up.


You don’t have a code yet?


Nah i got a code.Altho its not from pre-order for guaranteed access because steam pre-order is not up yet :confused: .
Thanks for the interest :smiley:

But since i found you can you answer me this? Evolve Questions and Answers (Old Topic)


If the code you got is one of the single use ones you’re pretty much in. I’m not supposed to say it’s guaranteed, but lets just say your chances are REALLY GOOD. :wink:

Regarding Preorder and Codes

This just made my day. Thanks pal!


Awesome, I might pass by my Gamestop later today and ask for a code. It’s been preordered for at least 2 or 3 months now.