Got markov elite ;D


Just got him!!!


nice! Markov is my favorite. Enjoy the skins!


Congrats man!


How do people level up so quickly?


50% xp off companion app i think?


Very Awesome!


Wow, those skins look epic!


Or you could say, Eptic… Hehe, get it? Over-EPTIC?


only for the 3rd mastery skills

just uploaded the in-game skins btw!



So those of us without the app are in for a hard slog. I haven’t even unlocked every character yet

We need a thread showcasing all the Elite skins in game


The Mobile app is fun to kill time and earn some small rewards. With all my mastery saved up, I was able to get a lot of progress before launch, and got Caira within 3 hours after launch :smiley:


I unlocked Vals last night, didn’t play the mobile app, the 2star was the only thing that actually took a lot of time to complete. 3-star Val Sniper, where you have to do 30 Headshot Markers was really easy when facing Kraken.