Got founder edition after grinding on stage two for about 20k keys



I grinded probably 20k keys before getting the founder edition, then I unlocked stuff I already unlocked before getting the founder edition. Is there no way to get those keys back from the stuff I unlocked before getting founder edition which I would have got from the founder edition anyways?


I thought they gave the initial 3K + 27K keys? Now you should have 30K?


Yes I got 30K keys but before getting the founder edition I grinded many keys for stuff which I would have gotten in the founder edition otherwise. If you get me…


I believe you should have received keys for the items you unlocked.


I think the purpose of the 30K worth of keys would be to compensate you for all the grinding and whatever rewards you’ve earned back in old evolve?


No the keys I grinded were on stage two.


I grinded keys on stage two, then got founders which unlocked stuff I bought with the keys i got on stage two…kinda confusing


This is what should be happening.


The purpose of the founder benefits is to reward the people who supported he game back in the early days. People like me, who spent $100 on the “monster race edition” or whatever it was called.