Got elite Caira :D


EDIT: Currently floating between rank 1 and 2 Caira :smiley: . Steam name is “$ N A P S”.

Thanks a ton 50% boost from companion app! Uploaded picture of elite grenade launcher as per request. In love!!!

Val 3 star med gun challenge

How is the elite skin? Is it the old, black one, or the new blue one? Just out of curiosity.


Meanwhile I can’t find a match :frowning:


Second this

I want to see how the skin looks ingame


I can’t find the phone app anywhere.

edit: wow it’s for iphones only, what a crock of shit.


It’s available for iPhones, Android and Windows Phones though.


No. Android as well.


Uploaded picture by request!


Looks like they added a few more flourishes since the art they showed us. Pretty good but having seen the DLC skins I don’t like them as much. I think the gold parts should’ve been shinier


New blue one. I love the hint of shiny bronze/gold!


Nice. That one looks sweet, but I wish we could still get the black ones. Contrasted beautifully with the re/green lights on the launcher. Anyway, the new ones rock too.


my mastery boost from companion app won’t work ._. I’ve bought all the possible upgrades for masteries and it hasn’t applied :l


How long did it take you to unlock Caira? I’m exited to play with her (not in that way)


About 6 hours or so of matchmaking.


Oh man that looks way better than the black one. Do you have the savior one? It looks cool in the store and I am wondering how well it looks in the game.


I feel like my dream of top Caira is severely limited by my need to work lol. Still haven’t played yet!!!


I don’t have the savior one. It looks way too similar to default.


No character skin, like a new camouflage on the outfit?



In this country, the companion app is not allowed yet. I dunno why… but still unfaiiiiirrrrrr


Only weapon skin.