Got drunk for first time ever


So last night i got drunk for the first time in my life and i may have said things i normally wouldn’t to people, Also i had access to my Facebook/Mobile xD


High five! I drink once a month and then go on a drunken post rampage with @Shin making sure I don’t do anything too dumb. :slight_smile:


I am so glad there wasn’t too much social media when I was younger…


I’ve never been drunk, I’ve been dizzy at most. I noticed I slur my words quite a bit, not something I would enjoy doing on a larger scale. O.o


First thing i saw on my facebook was a status i put when i was drunk saying “i’m a crab creature” xD


Back in my day…the worst I did is get drunk alone while chatting via AIM with a friend. Woke up…and then went and bought a new keyboard.

Not one of my better ideas.


I got really excited and i swore a’lot xD dunno if it’s better that i can remember everything or if it would be better not knowing xD


When I get drunk my grammar goes into the drain…It causes me great anguish to see my posts from the night before. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t curse though. I’ve only sworn like twice on these forums.

I also post random memes and gifs…


Next time i get drunk i’m going to play Evolve online xD


Haha, It’s funny cause i have really bad anxiety but i remember shouting and laughing in the pub and sitting on the floor xD oh and i thought a chair was going to kill me :smile:


Lol. Chairs are murderous, man. >.> I never drink outside, I drink at home, for obvious reasons. :slight_smile: One tiny glass of alcohol and I can’t even walk straight. It’s ridiculous. :3


Haha i literally thought it was an electric chair from prison xD i never usually drink, Unless it’s a birthday or New years etc. But last night i may have had a few on an empty stomach xD


When I get drunk I can speak Japanese. When I’m sober I can only speak English.


I love Kopparberg :smiley: It’s not strong but it tastes nice :slight_smile:


I like to drink, but I only allow myself to do so once a month otherwise it’s unhealthy.


True. I avoided it for ages but it does feel nice being drunk xD


Yeah, as I guy who doesnt drink and can still barely talk I can say that wouldnt be fun :stuck_out_tongue:


I can speak the same when drunk, I just can’t walk. Like, at all. :stuck_out_tongue:


I uh… quit drinking. I don’t know if it’s the Irish in me, but I can just drink and drink until I’m no longer conscious but I’m still on my feet, doing and saying stupid things. It all starts innocently with a Yuengling and a shot of Jagermeister…


I second that. It’s in the German blood, too.