Got a "infinite jetpack" guy here. Cheater


I joined the game as a monster. Goliath.
And everything was cool untill they tracked me. Its ok. But.
When Markov flies behind you the whole map. I mean like realy WHOLE MAP.
Leaps was useless cuz every time i was zapped by lighting gun i died like in 1.5 mins or smthing like that.
After i noticed him he was using trainer (yeah i met another cheater few days ago and asked him what soft he was using. He said its a trainer for singleplayer but works for a multi too. He was the kraken spaming vortex. One guy created a topic bout him few days ago) he told me to fuck off in russian and (im russian too)
i said that he gonna get reported.
He left.
Few secs later he connects again.
There was a discussion in which he said that he was cheating. Im no using invidia shadoplay or smth like that so all i’ve got its screen shots.

Second game he was lazarus,he was able to perform 4 or 5 direction boost and keep staying in the air after that.

If i can submit any logs or smthing like that-tell me how.

Screenshots links.

On the second screen ull see his default position behind my back.


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Whoa, don’t post that link. PM that instead.

Also, there is a discussion about it here as well.


I dunno. Its like second time i met such guy the first one had squares instead of name.

And all i’ve noticed-infinite jetpack. And yeah probably infinite lighting up my ass.

My stamina was regenerating at mad speed cuz of that dmg but even when a leaped away he was still stiking befind me zapping and stuff.


Totally right just PMed macman and removes the post


Thanks. Lol theres a note bout Th guy. I 've met him once. But back then didnt know theres a hack for game.


Nice, didn’t want more hackers if we can help it. Good call and +1 too you as well.


Ha “PC master race”.


There’s a few going around and 2K has been busy gathering them up. It’s a up hill fight and once you close a loop they will find another to exploit. Took Blizzard years to take down Glider and a very long law suit to sue there asses off and gain control of the cheaters domain.

It’s always a challenge but they can do it.


it’s what happens when everything is client sided :smiley:


its sad but true indeed… but once most hacks/trainers etc. are discoverd VAC will have their way with them real fast :stuck_out_tongue: just like punkbuster in the good old days on cod4 :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah i hope they will do. Once i was a beta tester (warthunder) so i was wandering is there any way to submit logs or contact smone if i encounter another guy.
From now on i think ill turn on my shadowplay. Or at least steam recording.


I suggested that they make a separate e-mail for reporting hacks. @MacMan btw, have you asked 2K about that yet?


Well yeah its good thing. But still without proof of cheating it would be useless. So i hope they will make a thread in wich i could find how to submit system logs and send em to that email.


Is it known if that’s an intentionally caused glitch or if it’s just a randomly occuring bug?


So is this jetpack thing a bug or a hack? I kind of need to know.

Because I can tell you right now that if I’m in a game and I find out I can fly all over the place, my first reaction is gonna be to…fly all over the place–going “WHHEEEEEEE look I can fly all over the place!” :kissing:


it’s a hack.

However, if the lobby leader/server host activate it, then everyone in server gets it


Sry but its a hack,trainer program if being correct.


Just kick vote him out of the oh you can’t do that in this game, can you?..

Honestly… HONESTLY, what game doesn’t have KICKING!? It’s commonplace that most devs won’t ever stop cheaters, so democracy is going to be the next best thing. The game lacks a lot of multiplayer-esque “common sense”.


Lol just kick? Nope a want my “give a VACation” button instead.