Got a increase on Slim while playing Abe


This bug is not really all that bad for me and this is not me complaining but I felt it should be brought up because it is obviously a bug and I don’t know how common this is.

While playing Abe in a game of randoms I was teamed up with a player that chose Slim. Later in the game while Slim was using is heal burst it increase my mastery for it for no reason what so ever. This has happened to me once before while I jumped in mid game as Maggie but I was able to save the video this time.

PS: I was playing on PS4 if you didn’t get that from the video.


I had the same thing happen to me while I was playing Griffin


Yeah it’s for slim 2 star mastery on leech gun… Since it doesn’t relt on dmg or anything just how often you spam heal burst it seems to affect all in game