Got 1 extra copy of Evolve [PC]. Any ideas for giveaway?


As title says, dunno what to do with et.

So gimme some ideas for cool giveaway challenge I can make for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Either… Give it to me to do a giveaway on my twitch…

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr do a fun thing that involves fun.


I say first person to give the best joke should get it. I mean after all, a simple joke could tell you the type of the person they are


I would prefer this option :stuck_out_tongue: so more people can paticipate and have some fun mayeb, but dont have any idea though


Me first!

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.


10 char


I was going to edit a Kappa, but I got a reply notification in a different thread lol


Thats too old , you failed ! BWAAHAHAHAHA

nah joke competition is not good


It’s the best joke I know :frowning:


Dont wanna hear the worst joke you know then :smiley:


I can tell you a joke with an Evolve twist

A steamadon walks into a bar and says “Hey, where’d everybody go?”

Hah! Haha… ha…


Agreed. I can see it becoming quite offensive.

How about you find an evolve related image and the person who comes up with the best caption or meme wins?

Best I can come up with. :smile:


Well I’m assuming everyone here already has it, soooooo…



This gif exactly describes mine and your reaction


I live to not impress.


Eeeh thats sounds interesting, but I need more ideas, but I will kep that one in mind, thanks .

@Atrinoch yep I know but maybe someboy has got a sibling or gf/bf or just friend who wants Evolve. And he can get it as present for him


Give it to the funniest Evolve video? :bucket:


I live to disappoint HA

joking but maybe not joking


Hmhhmhm I was working with that idea, but you know how many people do Evolve videos ? Not many will participate, sooo I dunno :confused: