Gorgonzola skin not in store anymore? [Resolved]


so i was lookin into buying the cool new skin for gorgon, just havent had the little extra cash before, but i did now, but when i looked in the store, on PC it wasnt there, neither was the kala skin. are they limited edition or something? cause i really wanted them, or is it just a glitch or something up with my steam profile?


No, they should still be there. Did you try refreshing the page?


yeah nothing, would you mind or anyone else, look on the store on PC and tell me if they can see them?


@TheMountainThatRoars are around?

I don’t play on PC, so I can’t check sadly.


Are you looking in the in game store of the Steam store? Also, what is your region?


Huh, you’re right, I can’t find it in the in game store. I’m on PC [EU]


ingame store
im in west coast USA


Checked in-game store, US East coast. Neither the Kala Jellyfish nor the Gorgon-zola skin are present.


yup, pls trs dont take the skins away, unless its a glitch, i REALLY WANT TO BUY IT!


They’re not taking them away. It’s likely only temporary. Should be back up in short order, depending on the issue.


Hah, I noticed the same thing when I checked for the Kala skin. I hope this gets resolved soon.


ok cool, let me know when its fixed, then ill get it, but for now ill just play some ranked


Alright, I am on the case!! I’ll let you know what I find.

It is after normal business hours, so I don’t expect to really have an update before morning.


Maybe it was a “limited time Offer”. :smiley:


Looks like someone ate all of it.


Okay! Should be fixed, although it could take an hour or more for the update to show up for everyone.


Aye, they’re both back now. :slight_smile:

Kala’s Jellyfish skin is without graphics though. :scream:


It looks sweet though :slightly_smiling:



I know! :smiley: I already saw it in a stream and I have a Tyranid army that is painted just like the Jellyfish skin, so of course I had to own it. xD


ohhohoh that is amazing