Gorgons Wall-Pounce Freeze still in the game


i hv think TRS hv fix that ?
im really scared to use wall-pounce at Hunt 2.0

Before u nerf Gorgon for nothing plz fix that bug first


Wait, you use gorgon in 2.0? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Remember to file a report here with as much info as possible!


She is my beauty main :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good luck with that after the nerf in the next patch


Happens to me almost evrytime I convince myself I want to play gorgon.


what shes getting is nothing close to a nerf…the constricting dmg from trap didn’t do anything worth mentioning and like macman said, actual good hunters are out of the current acid spit much sooner than it ends, still probably going to be out of it before it ends after the duration change.

in regards to the pounce, no confirmation as of yet unfortunately so you probably will need to hold off on pounces in 2.0 if you care about points


Fair enough, I’m going to main Kala too, who’s not the prettiest either in some people’s eyes


Anyone know if that bug is on the fix list for the next TU?