Gorgon's traversal keeps getting cancelled


I don’t know if there was a hotfix changing how her traversals work but for most of my games as Gorgon I noticed that her traversal is almost always getting cancelled. At first I thought that its a new feature that whenever youre damaged your traversal will get cancelled but it also happens when I’m not taking damage from the hunters. To clarify whenever I press space Gorgon will proceed with the normal latch animation but instead of getting launched into the air she will bug out (no pun intended) and the traversal will be cancelled and your traversal will only carry you like one step away from your original location. This became a nuisance especially when disengaging and positioning in dome. Instead of doing a simple traversal to get around I have to stick with Gorgon’s normal speed and hope that her traversal wont bug if I use it.


arent you pressing spacebar too rapidly ? try to press it with little pause between each traversal


No I haven’t. Just one press and it gets cancelled. I time my traversals properly to cover as much distance as possible.


This has happened to me many times and has also caused me to lose games since I have to waste time, and extra traversals.