Gorgons traversal - bug or is it supposed to be like this


Usually when i use gorgons traversal, it only makes a tiny step forward, and it takes 3-4 attempts to get him to jump.
Is there a catch/rule that i must follow in order to use gorgons traversal ( e.g point the cursor at climbable surface ) or can i use it wherever i want. Other monsters dont have such problem.


You mean that you use the traversal and he doesn’t do anything? It’s a bug. It doesn’t matter where you point the cursor.

Changed to the Bugs category.


Jup, i press the jump button, but it just makes a small step forward, and wastes a traversal point.
Can incoming damage cancel the jump ?


Incoming damage shouldn’t be canceling it.

Are you near some little rocks or things that can bump you? What maps has this happened to you? What hunters? Were you stasised? Harpooned? Tanqed? A combination of all three?


No, it seems to happen quite randomly.( more often when going uphill or trying to jump on level ground ).
I dont remember any specific maps or hunters, but it seems to happen on any map with all hunters.
Harpooning/stasis/tranq doesnt seem to be the cause because i have managed to jump when harpooned/tranced, it just doesnt let me fly far.
My guess would be that it has something to do with terrain slope, or perhaps something very small that gets in the way( but doesnt effect other monsters ). Usually when i get domed, i have to walk out of conflict, climb high, and then i get to use traversal to get away. Needles to say, it costs allot of HP to walk away :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, sometimes you gotta be careful where you use that traversal.

Hope it doesn’t happen to you any more.