Gorgons stupid high damage



he can do 9 million damage a second to the fucking power relay. what in the actual fuck is this.


Relay health was lowered and Gorgon has a low Pounce attacking damage, plus Gorgon has four arms. But they would have it balanced and not doing “9 million”


The team needs to be around and defending the relay once the monster hits stage 3. Otherwise it’ll tear it apart


As a Gorgon main, I can say most of the wins I get are because bad team comps, or new players getting used to the game.

Wait 1-2 weeks for the stats on Gorgon’s balance.


As another Gorgon Main, I’d say Gorgon isn’t super weak but they do need to give the spider momma her wall pounce bonus damage back.

Also I’d like if her web spit also created a bunch of little annoying spiders.


I don’t think so, since she can combo her abilities. She could pounce, then once the Hunter is free, she inleashes hell on them, getting a down fast.


You’ll never get a pounce off on a group that allows you to kill unless the group is incompetent.


I wouldn’t say gorgon is OP honestly. So far almost all the gorgons I’ve fought have been easy to avoid. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Acid spit remains on the ground after being puked out, so simply jetpack up (you can double tap spacebar without holding any movement key to instantly jump up) to avoid the damage.
  • The little spider is easily killed by a few shots.
  • Mimic can also be killed by a few shots, but this somewhat depends on your character’s damaging weapons. I’d say take it out with 2 players while the other 2 players find the Idle gorgon and get some free headshots.
  • Regarding the power relay, monsters can destroy it in 15 seconds if there is no hunter nearby, so make sure you are near the relay at stage 3.