Gorgon's passive, an idea

Gorgon has the potential for high damage, her kit is mostly based on DOT though, so things like burst healing and shields directly counter her ability to get downs.

It seems passives are meant to over come basic design weaknesses like this, hence big slow bobs ability to soak damage when required. Its his design and why he gets DR during Katamari mode as he slowly tries to get away.

For Michael Gorgon I have been toying with the idea of something along the lines of Crow or Kalas trickery.
These hunters break all the rules by going straight for the good stuff (Health), not bothered by armor or the like.

What if Gorgeous’ passive was the following:

  1. You start fight as per usual.

  2. For every 2 bars of armor or 1 bar of health lost (within 10 seconds) you receive 3 seconds of 50% shield penetration.

  3. Would be diminishing returns after the first bit, as the second amount would bring you to 75%, then 87.5, then 93.75, etc. But in order to get to that 93.75% you would need to lose 4 bars of health within 6 seconds or less.

Oddly enough this change would be a decent counter to those direct to health characters, as them causing health damage would allow you to down them more easily.


Maybe just give her increasing DOT based on damage taken, but for all abilities.

P.S. As a side note I have wondered if maybe her big bug butt should be of some use? Maybe if butt damage was reduced and headshot damage increased she would feel better to play as and give you a strategy even for when right in the middle of it focusing a target and taking heavy damage, you could use your butt as a shield from the worst of it.
Maybe even slim and papa recharge shots would be reduced if bouncing off her butt?

She has a huge ass, lets put it to work already!


Recategorizing to suggestions section :slight_smile:

I love and accept this a million times more than Miley and it’s been a year


not sure what this reference is

Nothing beats Gorgon Freeman


That is clever as hell


Now pls stop and back to topic. I don’t want to derail this thread and ask for a clean up ok? :wink:

Gorgons description says she wears down people over time.
Why not use this in the passive? The longer a fight goes on the deadlier her DOT becomes, reseting at a down.
Or as damage is done she leaks acidic pools ad again, dot damage goes up and resets with a down ( or time / dome drop)
This way she keeps her long game assassin style ( only way I can think to describe her)

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I wish if the passive would be as great as possible, being defeated constantly as Gorgon lately.

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I actually thought of giveing her a stacking damage resistance debuff on her DoT abilities.

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Well she lost her ability to steal jetpack fuel long ago, so if she stole or ignored shields she would feel better in many matches IMO.

But I too cant seem to do anything with her any longer.

Another idea someone had is her passive could be to poop out spiderlings based on damage taken, then they could give her a new primary ability?

Just make the spiderlings she poops out fly up in the air before choosing a direction to make them a little harder to notice and shoot as soon as they pop out.

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Plus have you seen her traversal? She is Air Gorgon for sure.


hmm basketball skin for gorgon and bob.
philly you are an bloody genius.


I always imagined Gorgon having a passive like as she looses armor, her exoskeleton cracks and starts leaking acid. It does half the damage of her acid spit, but will follow her as she moves around. If she sits still, the acid pool will grow larger. Once she regains armor, the acid will stop leaking.


She’s not a xenomorph…

She will be soon

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Personally I’d be worried that this might hard counter some comps too well - and do almost nothing to comps that rely little on shields on the first place.

Bobs problem was that he took too much damage.

I don’t feel Gorgons problem is “shields” specifically.

I do however agree that dots are her thing- and would love to see them augmented in some way to fit her style. Such as extending their duration making it easier to stack multiple dot sources on someone, and dwindle down resources as the fight continued.

I’m a bit leery about suggesting straight up damage increases though- that muddles with the bursty nature of monsters, one problem with legacy that they wanted to address was the “swingy” nature of the game from things like this.

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I like the extending the time of DOT idea.