Gorgon's Juggle is Annoying af


When Gorgon hits a hunter with a light or heavy melee, they daintly slip and slide around, unable to walk in their desired direction. Sure the hunter can jetpack but once that runs out it’s going to be difficult. Every monster can melee spam a hunter like this, but for Gorgon, the movement lock is a LOT more noticeable.

People might say she needs this, which is true, but frankly it’s unfun and annoying. As a hunter you just can’t move without jetpack. This coupled with the huge melee range gets to be pretty bad. It’s almost as annoying as roll spam.

I hope this will be addressed in 9.0 but if not then soon after. It’s annoying af.


ikr? If I trap a Hunter in a corner, they just squeeze out, with Gorgon though, no chance.

Just buff the abilities or something, idk and remove that juggling.


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