Gorgons current state


So im just curious whateveryone else thinks right now about gorgon. I thought gorgon was in a pretty good place initially with the exception of mimic being superrrrr weak. I dont think the acid needed a time reduction it was already easy to get over and its how you forced jetpack use. I dont have a problem with the bugs having reduced damage but in their current state it aeems to me like they needbto have more health or be faster not sure WHAT i would change but it feels to me like its just to easily avoided especially since it screams before it starts moving. Overall i thought the mimic change was good (possibly too good but need to domore testing. Je doesn’t need a huge boost a very small amoint so ehat are your thoughts.


I was going to link to the official State of the Gorgon Thread, but then I found out there isn’t one.


I think Gorgon is fun, but she just gets wrecked against good teams because she is so weak, and her damage can easily be shielded away or healed away super quick. And I am a pretty high raked monster so I always go against good teams. And her mimic is meh… If you get a good explotion on the hunters (If you ever get one cuz it’s so easily destroyed) they are all healed up by the time you get to them.

So I don’t really know… I also have an addiction of buying skins, and I have all of Gorgons skins but it just feels like a waste because I can never use her because I know I will loose, and it’s so annoying loosing so much points, that’s the thing.

I wish they did so mimic is not destroyed when shooting at Gorgon, the hunters have to kill the mimic to remove it. And by that decrease mimics damage and increase the web snare & acid spit damage.


If they’re going to buff Spider Trap’s health or speed, Gorgon’ll just become even more of a frustrating mess for casual players.

I’d rather they speed up Spider Trap when it’s approaching a Hunter, but slow it down severely when holding a Hunter.
Perhaps a small health buff is in order to even that out, or a damage increase.

Result being that this way Spider Trap’s effectiveness isn’t so highly situational and dependent on whether or not it chooses to scurry off behind a series of corners.


I personally find that in order to make the mimic viable, they should add some sort of invulnerability to the mimic just after it spawned; like the banshee mines. Right now I keep seeing the mimic get wrecked long before I’m even able to activate the skill a second time.

On top of that I find that while her damage might be harder to land than most other monsters (because of the way it’s set up to be DoT), a large gap in her damage should make a reappearance as soon as the wall pounce bug gets sorted in the next TU.

Though to be fair once the bug gets fixed, I don’t think the mimic would need any changes; you can easily run a build without it and still be effective. However if TRS wants to see it being used more at higher ranks, it does need a few tweaks.


[quote=“StartSwimming, post:5, topic:84158”]
On top of that I find that while her damage might be harder to land than most other monsters (because of the way it’s set up to be DoT)
[/quote]Gorgon will be about stacking DoT in the next patch until Medic can no longer keep up. I’m too lazy to find a quote for that, but the devs have confirmed it.
Even Mimic will do DoT.

No wait, here it is.


Yup, I knew about all that already. Her main issue is actually landing all of the DoT’s however, and landing Mimic will still be one of the hardest things to land if they don’t change the actual way of how it works. Currently it’s far too easy to damage the Gorgon and cancel the mimic, despite of the previous update to it.


I had a feeling this waw th3 caae but i wanted to see what others think b3cause i play monster nore than anything else and gorgon currently is hurting against even average teams. Kinda sad because i kike gorgons concept a lot its just not 3executed well currently.


But what if Hank drops an orbital on a Gorgon using mimic and it doesn’t break the mimic? That would be really punishing for the monster if he/she doesn’t notice.


Yeah I have no idea, I guess you have to use the mimic right up in their face and drop the bomb asap hhah


Or perhaps you can cancel it by shooting real Gorgon but it takes a bit of damage to success


That happened to me once already lol I just had to waste my mimic and blow it up early. Sucks lol


The other monsters are much easier to use and have a simpler more effective way of killing the hunters imo…i would like if they nerfed the baby spider and buffed the other abilitys


I really like that idea for spider trap. When I play with friends against a gorgon it is usually shot dead soon after someone is grabbed, unless it scurries off behind a corner or falls down into a pit . That’s kind of when a spider trap is really annoying to deal with. In most cases its just a small distraction against the hunters, but those instances where it runs away past a corner or two with your teammate are rough to recover from because now another hunter needs to get out of favorable positioning to save a teammate.

I just like that idea of making spider trap more consistent whereas the way it is now it either dies to fast to make any impact or condemns you to a strike.


Not entirely gorgon (form what I can tell from playing) is hard countered by laz since I don’t think half of his abilities stop the glove those being acid spit and web snare.


Web Snare interrupts on impact, not on the effect over time.

Also note that both Acid Spit and Web Snare completely ruin any chances of Cloaking while those abilities’ effects are active, so I don’t see why bodycamping to prevent resurrections should still be a priority when you can visually see where Lazarus is.

I’d say Wraith is the worst pick for bodycamping (if that’s the playstyle you apply against Laz) because she has the smallest health pool, lacks offensive power when camping a small area and doesn’t reveal a Cloaked Hunter so easily.
That said, Wraith does have the best single-target focus for when Laz reveals himself or to quickly juggle Trapper to death to escape an undesired dome.

Gorgon is definitely a close second though. She’s not exactly bodycamp material, despite the Acid Spit and Spider Trap seemingly trying to make Gorgon good at this.


Not sure what you mean. If you are saying once hit with acid spit and web snare you can see laz. Maybe websnare you might be right but I know that’s not the case with the acid spit because of I spray acid anytime that bastard cloaks lol.


Web Snare is the most obvious when it comes to finding a Cloaked Hunter.

Acid Spit works too, though. They’ll constantly grunt from the pain and blink visible.


Hmm I don’t see it I’ll have to double check I hear the grunting but never see them blink in acid spit.


Indeed, I never noticed Acid Spit reveals cloaked hunters (?). Web Snare does, however.

Overall even though I had much fun playing Gorgon I gave up. Once the monster itself was no more an attraction and I started to focus on actual match results it became clear for me she is very weak. Also, as I concluded, she has effectively just two reliable abilities to use (acid/snare). Mimic is too easily destroyed and trap - when works, works fine, but I found it pretty random whether someone gets catched in the heat of battle or not.