"Gorgon's" Ability To Resurrect (SPECULATION THREAD)

Personally I don’t think I could be any more HYPED about this monster. Evolve has become my favorite game to play on Xbox One and I literally play it every. single. day. And even though I do enjoy working with other hunters, the monster will always be my favorite.

Now lately I’ve seen a LOT of threads about “Gorgon” (if that leaked name is correct) and her abilities. I’ve seen things like wall climbing, paralyzing, camoflauge, minion spawning, and many, many more. But there’s one thing that’s really stood out to me (and of course this is all just speculation):


I’ve seen so many posts about this and personally, I think it’s possible. Lots of people have said that the resurrection ability could be used to resurrect dead minions (if they’re in the game) or to bring back dead wildlife and turn them hostile towards hunters just like the perk in Evacuation. But I’ve realized there’s one thing that no one else has recognized.

Those giant, decapitated wildlife carcasses layed out all over every map.

I’m sure that at one point or another you all have noticed them. Some look like Armadons, but if you look closely at the heads they’re a little different. These dead carcasses could be another wildlife species that has gone extinct on shear that, now, can be resurrected by “Gorgon” and used as minions to aid in her encounters with the hunters.

BOOM. Did I just blow your mind?

Many of you may doubt my theories and that’s okay, but from what TRS has created for us so far, I don’t think it’s entirely out of the question.

This community is EXTREMELY creative, so I’d love to hear what else you guys have to say about the new monster.

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Shouldn’t this be in the ability speculation thread?

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Yeah from the looks of it yeah it should

There is already a speculations thread. Please direct all speculations and theories regarding abilities, traversals, etc. there. (As the two above have stated).

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