Gorgon websnare slow movement


Gorgon ability Websnare does slow movement & jetpack

It’s a bug . Because it stated that it only affect jetpack movement

Websnare current state : affect movement speed / jetpack & reveal the cloaked hunter for far too long


I think it always reduced both Jetpack and Movement speed.


No … they have changed it


Maybe instead of reducing movements, it prevent the hunters from sprinting.


I believe we know about the Jetpack Bug. Are we sure the reveal of cloaked Hunters is a bug as well or was it a change based on Monster feedback?


What is jetbag bug ??

According to good monster … Gorgon tend to be UP

But she has a cheated ability which means she may be perform less after 9.0… after taking movement slow impact from her Websnare

Maybe some kind of compensation should be there waiting for her


What evidence do you have to support your claim?



I play Hyde and I didn’t dodged websnare for 6 times purposely because I had doubt that it affect the movement .

You can play against Gorgon … you will notice it

I am shocked that no one talked about this bug … Gorgon was released in 6.0 . Two patches from now …


Well maybe . I don’t know

But we need some clarification from developers

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What websnare has an affect on Hunters ? Does it affect sprinting speed / normal speed or does it affect sprinting speed only ?

Does it suppose to be revealing cloaked hunters that long ?

Is it a bug ?


It is not suppose to affect movement and only jetpack. This is a bug.


yup its a bug. It does slow movement which should not happen