Gorgon- web and acid completely cancel out cloak


I don’t think this is a bug, I think it’s just the rapid DoT effect doing this: But can we please remove it? It prettymuch kills Laz. Web him once, and that’s a LONG time with him both unable to jetpack and unable to cloak.


They mentioned in stream that DoTs dont cancle stealth, this might be a Bug.


Hmm, will change it to bug if I get an official source saying it’s definitely a bug then. I hope so, because him having two spammy abilities which kill cloak is annoying.


As a monster player who suffers against Laz…I disagree. :stuck_out_tongue:


As someone who was maining Wraith up until her one remaining strength was removed, all I can say is…


And yet shes still one of the most viable monsters for competitive.

Just sayin :wink:


When you say ‘cancels out stealth’ Do you mean it decloaks him? Or he stays stealthed but the web animation is visible around an invisible human form? The former is a bug, the latter is not really different from !OnFire flame effects.


Decloaks him entirely.


Hella bug then Aye, should move this to bugs too…


I don’t know if it for sure. It might just be her faster DoT cancelling it or it might be intended. So I’ll wait for confirmation for now.


Want to test it? I’m free.


Considering it’s been one day since release, it’s a bit early to say that isn’t it?

Besides, half of it is the philosophy behind it. I was hanging on through the times when they nerfed the parts of Wraith I actually liked and turned her into an impotent juggle brawler, all in the hope TRS would review things and try moving her back towards the fragile speedster she used to be. Then they nerf the one reliable thing she has left to properly deal with the beam team, because gasp people were complaining about it! So I’m done.

Time to get as many good times as I can under my belt with Gorgon before they start the nerf bat conga on her as well.


Oddly enough they might have Gorgon as good as she is now for the sake of the money, tomake her appealing. Once the $ stops coming then Gorgon will become Wraith 2.0 because “the Numbers tell us so!”

She’s scary but killable like Pre-Nerf Wraith. Just gotta have the right fighting ground and tactics… although a lot of people are dumb and just whine until the Nerf-Nuke comes in.

First Nerf, Abdomen hits count as Headshots.

Second Nerf, Traversal Speed reduced.

Third Nerf, Bonus Pounce Damage from Wall reduced if not completely removed.

Fourth Nerf, Spider Trap is now slower than a Galactoid and has half the health of one.

Fifth Nerf, Acid Spray turns into Acid Spit… you get to make one small puddle.

Sixth Nerf, Web Snare either only hinders movement or only DoTs.

Seventh Nerf, Less Armor and HP (too similar to Wraith A and HP pool).

Eight Nerf, they remove her legs.




Lol, she needs a buff if anything


For some reason all I can think of is the spider in the game Limbo. ;_;


That’s what those things that crap all over the place are cal… oh wait Glaciopods! Or something…

Oh well Galactoid is hella slow anyhow so he works as an example.

Extreme Kappa


Yeah, glaciopods :stuck_out_tongue:


By “cancel out” do you mean that they have a visible effect on them that you can see, but not the Hunter itself? Because if so, I think it’s fine.

EDIT: Just saw that you mean “decloaks entirely”, and yes, this is definitely a bug. I’ve never seen it before, but I have seen cloaked hunters glow slightly when covered in acid, and be covered in webs when websnared. If it’s completely turning off their cloaks, it’s DEFINITELY a bug.


You know I asked this exact same thing a few posts up right? :smiley: