Gorgon wallpaper request

Might i request that someone take the enhanced gorgon picture and focus it so that it can be made into a large enough wallpaper without losing to much detail. I keep evolve mosters as my wallpaper only one ive never had as a wallpaper is meteor goliath and that because they dont have a xbox store generated wallpaper for him but id like this month for the enhanced picture of gorgon to be my wallpaper. Something similiar to the xbox store generated ones shown https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Dlc/Wraith-Hornet-Skin/cf329ce9-66e4-48d8-b19e-8420efbda271 if you search any skin plus monsters name they have one for each just the background of course no text. Just no meteor goliath because he was never in the store i suppose and of course no gorgon was just hoping someone with design experience could possibly make one from the enchanced images given so far.

Hoping looking at this beautiful monster will keep me sated until the actual release.

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I would wait until we get Gorgon fully revealed.
Much cooler then.
(and it should be soon)


Don’t lie to me BEAR!!!

The hype fever is getting to me

Would be cooler yes and far more detailed im sure it will show up like the wallpapers from the store since it will actually be an in store monster would just like something to admire every time i pop open the laptop

It’s freaking October and this is the scariest monster yet. It has to be this month (a reveal at least)

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hoping so but not getting over excited don’t want to be disappointed

We’re fanboys…

Well be disappointed in some capacity until it’s released

This is literally the only art of the Gorgon I have seen and it was drawn back when we only saw the very first silhouette of the tier 5’s

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I thought about doing one, but I didn’t want it to be thrown around by ppl if I made it.
Or have anyone take it upon themselves to alter it.

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I mean more of a wallpaper made from the enhanced images they’ve released.

Just want a wallpaper dont want to alter in any way if you just want to share it with me i could give you an email and my word as a gentleman of evolve not to share it with a soul.

Probably for the best, I linked it to the original source so I’m atleast somehow crediting the original artist, but I know where you’re coming from when you say alterations.

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We don’t have any “good” quality looking pictures of the Gorgon yet. As Bearstream said, wait until we’ve seen it for good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the point was for me to have something to hold me over but nevermind whoever closes threads should just close it if no one knows how to make the wallpaper

It’s not that we “don’t know how to make the wallpaper”

There have been no images released yet. The only thing released was the silhouette and the Instagram video that I took and brightened up a bit to see more detail. That video is tiny though and if you stretched it to wallpaper dimensions it’d look like a blurry mess.

I’ll share my personal wallpaper I made with the only image large enough:


I shall make it work tyvm @aboatman this will have to do until TRS decides to release something new about Gorgon to put me out pf my misery


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Well, feel free to make another thread asking for wallpapers once TRS releases the monster. I’ll be closing the thread now :smile:

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