Gorgon Wall Pounce


I’m not particularly upset about the damage but the fact that I was already moving back from the wall and jet packed backwards really hurts my feel goods, especially since it dragged me back to my position before moving. Normally a pounce would be where you catch the player not where they were standing moments ago. I Personally think the drop speed should be slowed but the pounce range should be extended when hanging off the wall.


Your/Monster’s ping might of been high. This caused the game to think you were where Gorgon pounced you. But that pounce tho…


The connection was solid, regardless my feelings stay the same about the pounce.


If it wasn’t lag, I could only think of how Gorgon has a pounce area. You could have just been on the edge of on the “pounce zone”. If you watch the 2nd Gorgon tutorial video it’ll show what I’m talking about.


Wow! That’s what a Gorgon wall pounce looks like. It’s terrifying. I feel I miss so much playing mostly monster.


Raised the problem weeks ago. Was told I should try “get gud”. Do notice it took half your health before anyone could get it off you.


With how high he was on the wall it’s not outside the realm of possibility that they landed that, also considering ping, regardless of how good yours/theirs connection is the pounce actually lands sooner on the monsters end where as visually for you hes still dropping.

Valid pounce, nothing wrong here.


Looks fine to me. Gorgon’s pounces hit an AoE, so it’s not really that surprising that he hit you there. Love it or hate it, a pounce is a pounce.


Ping + game with long animations = time and space warps.


I’ve seen some crazy gorgon players combo the hell out of wall pounce it’s really crazy and nauseating.


Sorry for not responding sooner but you all are aware that I jetpacked back while moving backwards right? This shouldn’t of hit me or dragged me back to that spot before moving, pounces catch you where they pounce on you. The ping was fine


Kraken has the exact same issue when pouncing.


Pounces in general are very easy to land. Might be some problem with the netcode or with the way the engine itself handles collision detection.