Gorgon Walking Glitch


Don’t know if this one’s been reported or not. Several times during a match I just had while playing as Gorgon, I was running in to this glitch where Gorgon would start walking upright on her hind legs while being shot. She walked really slow, as if she was being hit with stasis affect. This was usually while I was trying to escape. Unfortunately, I failed to get video captured of this, but I know the walking slow glitch was triggered by getting shot as I was trying to run away.


That glitch is New for me O.O Yeah she is very slow if she walks like a T-Rex but i love this Animation xD



Hmm. Perhaps the hunters had found the wildlife buff with “Bullets slow the monster”?


I thought about that too, but it was throughout the whole match it was happening. And it was a looong brutal match.