Gorgon vs Griffin's harpoon


Griffin’s harpoon doesn’t seem to stop Gorgon’s web-sling, and if he catches her mid sling she just seems to keep moving. Dunno if this is working as intended, but I just got out of a game and it seemed like not only did the harpoon barely work, her melee hits would knock it out regardless of where she was aiming her swings.

Not sure if this was a fluke, working as intended, or what. Just thought I’d throw this out there in case it’s an actual problem.


As an avid Gorgon player I can tell you Griffin is a nightmare when trying to get away, you can’t turn for shit mid-air to melee the damn thing so it wastes a whole traversal (and gorgon’s traversals are HUGE). What I have noticed is if she breaks one mid-swing she starts moving again which should have Newton rolling in his grave.

Harpoons should be working properly right now (I think) and they should stop her moving directly away from you, and I think the arc for breaking them is around 120 degrees at her front but I could be wrong about that number.