Gorgon Underpowered


Its to easy for the hunters to kontraattack the mimic. In defense its just ridiculus.


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It’s a great counter-attack of how much damage it does and please if anything I think TRS got another monster balenced


Go to a op thread and say this. Please. Instead of making another “gorgon isn’t right” thread



Yeah, Gorgon is a bit UP against coordinated teams.


Miley: She pub stomps, yes; premade/well-coordinated teams, she gets beat up on


Guess people have there own opinions


She’s the queen of Nest mode IMO.


I bet! Never even thought of that. Minions, bugs, and pounces, oh my!


Better to nerf damage and skip the ability to destroying the mimic just by shoting at the monster.


Gorgon is UP against coordinated teams. That’s a fact. Two of her four abilities are nigh on useless in combat against good teams.


Gorgon is balanced, stop saying she is UP or she will end up being OP like a lot of other monsters. If you know how to use her, her bug trap and poison are a surefire death and her pounce is crazy strong.


Same with bug trap. Nerf damage and make it faster and wider area. To easy to counter attack.


my thread says she is balanced, soooooooo ya!


So your thread is wrong.


no your wrong, most people feel she is balanced, you probably just haven’t played anyone good yet, and your opinion isn’t everything, you should stop trying to make others believe what isn’t true.

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I think Gorgon is close to being balanced but could use a little tweaking to be more viable against hunters who know what they are doing. I like how mimic and spider trap currently are overall but I feel that acid spray and web snare could use small buffs since she really lacks burst damage beside the very situational mimic ability. I belive acid spray would be much more consistent damage dealer if it’s direct contact damage were increased while the fume damage were brought down a some. I would have to think that being doused in acid is far more hazardous/painful then the fumes that rise up from a pool of it on the ground. Good hunters rarely stay in the acid pool for any amount of time, making the move rather ineffective in my experiences so far. Web snare on the other hand could just use a slight buff in size and travel speed. It’s damage is fine since its really just supposed to be about slowing hunters down for easier follow up hits. I just find it a bit hard to land on hunters that are not very close due to is slow speed.


Psssst, you might want to look at your past topics.


She feels very close to balanced but we will just have to see in a few weeks whether if she really is balanced or not.

until then, please refrain from belittling each others opinion. :smile:


You shouldn’t get mimic stage one and it’s not supposed to be used as an initiate necessarily; more of a finisher.


Rude much? All of your past topics are ridiculously biased “Nerf monsters!” Threads where you shut down any and all that disagree with you.
Katt is fine.
You need to have some respect.