Gorgon traversal Bug against Lazarus


Im really angry whenever I play as gorgon against a Lazarus I cant use my traversal i only make a short jump like 2meters long
I cant play against a Lazarus for that reason and i dont know what to do .I lost so many matches for this reason
Have you an idea how i can fix that it ruins the game for me D:



That’s odd 0_0

Can you provide a video friend?


I will capture a video :slight_smile: I hope then you could help me


Do you mind me editing your title and that it better fits your problem?


I doubt that Lazarus is the cause of this.


I still have the problem no one has an idea why i habe this problem :frowning: ?
And i noticed in some games every traversal with the mimic is like that too . I dont have so much fun to play her because of this traversal thing