GORGON to overpowered


The Gorgon is to Overpowered in almost every aspect
Nothing more to say

Gorgen beyond OP

No, I think the hunters need more time to adjust to the update.

In 1-2 weeks we’ll see the balance stats of the game.


I really hope those stats say balanced.

As for Gorgon, it’s basically what Xplosion said.



I played a number of rounds. I’d wager that most of the Gorgon players are more experienced players that owned it and played it back when it was released, but, that said, the cooldown for the spider trap seems WAY too short. I had several rounds where there literally was maybe 1 second every few minutes where there wasn’t an active spider trap. The spider trap alone is a pretty disorienting skill that, in my opinion, should only be able to be used maybe every 45 seconds or so. It doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it splits the team in ways that no other monster skill quite can (not even “Rock Wall”), and its primary use is to disorient and control the hunters’ movements, by making them cautious when moving around the monster. It’s a cool skill, but the cooldown for it is absolutely ridiculous right now.

I haven’t noticed any problems with his other skills… Mimic and the Web Snare seemed pretty fair to me. I did notice, however, that the pushback on his melee attacks were pretty hectic as well. It felt a lot like I was being pushed around harder than Goliath’s charge ability, often making movement by jetpack, dodging, or running physically impossible. This might be the desired effect, except Gorgon’s melee attacks seem to come quite fast, which makes it seem somewhat problematic.


If you want any kind of conversation here, more does in fact, need to be said.

Also its “too”. To meant she went or is going somewhere.


Beat me to the punch lol. Saying that she’s op in all aspects does not further the conversation because it’s not something you can analyze and debate. Whether you agree or disagree.

The only response you can get from your statement is “ok”. That’s not really conversation inducing. So instead, maybe elaborate on why you think she’s op or not.


Playing against Gorgen is frustrating. So far I played against people with 44 winning streaks as Gorgen.
Gorgen needs to be nerfed. He feeds way too quickly and does too much AOE damage.

Some changes needs to be done about him.


I honestly feel that she is slightly weaker than before the Update because of the fact that it is harder to keep hunters down and split up. I feel that as someone said before that its mostly because of inexperienced players playing against players who have exp with the gorgon and so its a little early to tell but at least for me, i feel that I only played against higher level/experienced players when I just so happen to choose gorgon and it was very hard to do much against a team either used to playing against her or has decent enough teamwork i.e. Communication or premade, etc. I think i’ll come back to this in a few days to see what stats say and etc.