Gorgon tips and ticks


I really love playing as gorgon, I just struggle way too much against mid-silver coordinated teams. I normally switch to Goliath if I see these teams but I’d love to be able to compete against them with gorgon. I’m basically looking for build ideas and strategies.
If it helps I normally go. Stage 1. AS/1. ST/1. WS/1.
Stage 2. AS/2. ST/2. WS/2
Stage 3. AS/3. ST/2. WS/2. Mimic/2
As I’ve found out this build doesn’t work against said higher skilled teams lol.


stage 1: as,st,ws
stage 2: stx2, mimc
stage 3: as,ws,mimic

once you have them in a good position, spider trap and web snare, acid spit, and just melee to all holy hell. spread the melees around if someone gets too far away. the trick is to abuse the chaos once spider traps gets someone.