Gorgon thoughts and opinions


So came back started using gorgon and i will say initially. I wasn’t impressed but that tends to happen when learning a new character. Now that i am a little more familiar with how to play this awesome monster I have some mixed feelings on him. Overall I like pretty much all of the abilities but sometimes i get mixed feelings on them. Example the deployable bug sometimes seems REALLY good especially when you are in a chaotic battle toss one out and whatch a person get carried away mid combat splitting ip forces. Other times (against more skilled teams ) it seems very weak because of the long deploy time so im still feeling that out.

Aa for the poison clone concept i love in practice it seems VERY weak it dies really easily even at lvl 3. Now it does sort of make up for this with h INSANE initial damage but also DoT. But it seems when assaulting and already in confrontation its impossible to use because you cant. It dies too fast to get in and do the damage it needs. Yes i understand its similar to wraith in that yiu must get hind cover and a way first but it seems really difficult to do anything outside of bait hitting. Maybe a SMALL boost to health could fix that i dont know tell me your thoughts on that ability.

Acid spit i love but at the same time i get this feeling its might be OP cause i do n absurd amount of damage especially when combined with web spit. Web spit no real complaints it seems a little short when it lands but not too bad .

Last but not least the wall hang love the idea and the idea behind more initial pounce damage the higher up you are but im reaizing there seems to be lack a lot place to actually hang from mosts spots that would actually be good are too high ti even latch onto or it just wont. Im not saying the tops of the map either its spots that you would think you could grab and just cant so let me know how that has been for you guys

Hinters feel dree to pitch in regarding your issues and things you have noticed with gorgon while fighting him


I think a lot of people have noticed that mimic right now is a very weak ability, especially against good hunters. So I hope they do something about that in the next patch :slightly_smiling:


Thats been ny opinion as well and its not because its not strong its just not practical for use outside of when beinf chased (my experience at least still trying different strategies)it just gets destroyed to easily and theres a delay before you can detonate it


A buff is coming to Mimic. Not a big one, but a buff nonetheless. Looking forward to it, myself. Acid Spray is sadly being nerfed, because people just stand in it. Spider Trap will also do less damage per second when the Hunter is trapped inside it.

Love hanging on walls. It’s fun and free damage on Hunters that aren’t paying attention. The separation walls for Aviary make amazing places to do it, as the entrance is so small, it makes the Hunters easier targets. I find that a good strategy is to Web Snare them, then pounce, to decrease the likelihood of them dodging, and that works anywhere. Basically all of the desert maps are good for pouncing.

The Traps might be my favorite Monster ability ever. Sad it is getting nerfed. Anyways, you shouldn’t throw it into the middle of the fray. It gets killed quickly by Assault or Trapper that way, especially against more skilled players (I learned this the hard way). I throw it off to the side instead and lead someone into it, then proceed to Snare and Acid Spray him and anyone that gets close.

With Mimic, it’s best to break LoS and get a little bit ahead of the Hunters before you use it, that way you can use a traversal and detonate it in their faces before they can react. The target doesn’t matter, because it will distract the Medic. Same as with the Traps, though, good teams can counter and kill it quickly.

I don’t think she’s OP or UP, but she’s set up so that she’s strong against uncoordinated groups, but weak against real teams.


Spider trap is already pretty srak famage wise (imo) no reason to nerf it the main use you get is it dragging people away. Acid spit is SUPER easy to avoid. you have to funnel or force players to come up levels to truly make it affective that said i will admit its pretty strong.


If you attack someone while they’re trapped, though, it helps. I agree with dragging people away being the best benefit, though. Damage is a plus. I find Acid Spray is best used when paired with Web Snare. If you Snare then then Spray them, they almost can’t dodge out of it. If you also cover the area really well with Acid, they’ll take constant damage and waste jetpack trying not to.


Oh yeah iys absolutely best used with web spit however its got a small hit area so i feel it balances out enougj to not need a nerf on acid spit


I don’t think it needs one, either, but it seems pubs don’t know that standing in the acid hurts them.


Thats too bad cause i have a feeling a nerf yo acid spit will make her unviable especially if she gets hit too ahrd i mean she is already a pretty tough monster to use against good teams


Eh, it’s just a nerf to duration. Nothing serious, but it reduces the amount of time it is on the ground. Nothing too tough. Won’t affect high level play, but she’ll be easier on new or inexperienced players.


Meh it’s an unnecessary change none the less owell


I think macman said they were buffing mimic

Which is awesome


Well i think that will definitely make mimic a lot more viable. Not going to lie though im dlabber gasted at the fact health for mimic stayed the same at all levels


Not Mimic’s health, but the amount of damage Gorgon can take before Mimic cancels. Meaning how much you have to hit Gorgon’s body to break Mimic, without detonating it, and instead canceling it.


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