Gorgon the punisher of 2/2 or 3/1 splits and counters discussion


Imagine Gorgon in the infamous sloth alley clinging to a wall and laying a spider trap and waiting for an ambush oppurtunity… if hunters do a split like usual they risk getting caught in the webtraps and getting sneakpounced from the sky… sloth alley does have some trees which can hide gorgon from plain sight uptop…

Possible counters i can think of

  1. Crow like they said in Stream, Gobi sees all.
  2. Wonder if you can just charge the lightning gun and scan the ground to auto target stealth webtraps
  3. Cabot dustag
  4. Bunny hopping with Hyde and his flame thrower to clear traps…
  5. good old repulsor scanner :stuck_out_tongue: Jack doing kamehameha stance and scanning the treetops to see if his beam auto locks on to a tree top gorgon :stuck_out_tongue:

The ledge that you jump onto as hunters in sloth alley to escape the sloth is a good spot for web traps.


I think it’s more like Gorgon the relay fodder - I’m curious to see how relay fights work out for an ambush monster, and how they might balance Gorgon for that. Gorgon does look like it has a lot of potential to punish splits. But if it is not a threat at the relay then hunters would not need to be aggressive with their splits…


That’s why she needs more stage 1-2 fights to get more strikes on hunters till st3. Just like wraith should be…


Stage 3 Wraith is dangerous now. If Gorgon is not dangerous at stage 3 there’s nothing to stop the hunters camping the whole game out at the relay. If she is dangerous then yeah you could score strike(s) in stage 1-2 fights.


@breezy From what i saw in stream the stage 3 mimic does a lot of burst damage… you cant facecheck a gorgon in the corner, or a up a ledge, if the dome is open without any sight breakers then she seems to struggle in brawling…

she cant use mimic in the middle of brawl coz if hunters shoot the original body the mimic disappears, she cant lob spider traps while brawling coz good hunters will see where it lands and kill it.

So the only 2 abilities u can do in a all out brawl is snare + acid + mele… which can be sustained long enough to punish her even if she manages to incap.

Relay fight might be a thing if hunters can force her in a open dome.


Going from the steam, relay fights don’t seem to be massive problem for her. And yes, the awesome wall pounces are going to be epic. Kudos to @MaddCow for that epic wall pounce in the steam


She’s pretty damn fun.


Is she sneak based? #moomoo


I would say Ambush based. Wraith is still stealthier imo.


How Much health and armor each stage


I would have to dbl check but between wraith and goliath.


Very interesting how does mimic work if it’s damaged do you get damaged or are you still there being shot


If Gorgon gets shot at all it dissipates the mimic.


So you have to hide your self when using. it how Much does web snare slow?


Yes, you can’t just use it on open sight. She is good at ambushing but aggressive teams can capitalize on that, however, she is decent at zoning so aggression isn’t always best.

Web Snare 50% jetpack thrust reduction.


Sounds good traversal is it like Being Spider-Man? Also is rouge Val annoying for certain monsters


Rogue Val excels against monsters with lots of AoE instead of Burst. (MG and Gorgon) Or with teammates that are good with roaching/dodging/line of sighting.

Her traversal is similar to Spiderman.


How many people can rouge val health at one? Minion spider thingys do they just run up to hunters immediately and attack wildlife


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