Gorgon The Explorer ( Part 2 Finished )


i hv make a awesome video whit the crazy Gorgon Bug ( just for fun )
That bug is pretty awesome on solo mode because u can find some secret locations on this Map. Trs has do a awesome job just for the Details

i hope u enjoy and like it ^^ ( it has take 10 hours to upload it damn my internet ) im already working on a Part 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

( Dont worry guys the Video didnt hv any Tutorials how to do this bug, so ppl cant abuse it online. I will never upload any Tutorials )

I love my wonderful spider so much thx u TRS for this awesome Monster ^^ <3


What map is this again? I can never tell.




Thx fam. Nice vid


I enjoyed this vid, I also now know what happens when you stay out of bounds for too long


u will lose all ur health pretty fast and lose the match this why i use mimic to explore something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Which is good


You’ve got to teach me how to do this. :joy:
Love the video.


Plllleeeeeeaasse please please. :smile:
Edit: I always love your subscribe video at the end, it’s priceless. :joy:


I wanna know too!!


This is amazing!

I’ve always wanted to have a bird’s (Or well, spider like :stuck_out_tongue: ) eye view of a map.


Yes please.


I to would like to know more of this


already working on a Part 2 and 3 :stuck_out_tongue:


Sick jams you got goin’ too.


Azmi… he’s coming…can you feel it?


I wanna know aswell, this is awesome, great video, love it!





Haha that’s awesome, I say we try and find all the cool spots.