Gorgon, talk about a b*tch


What spider would she be?

Cause I honestly don’t know any acid spitting spiders on my lawn and the one’s already there leave when I bring her name into the conversation…

She’s not that scary… right?


IMO, she’s instead funny looking with her jaw that makes a smile.

The difference is surprisingly small.


What the…xD


Great, thank Dovah, you’ve ruined my fav monster forever. Now, everytime I think about Gorgon the TF2 Heavy pops up instead


Meh, I’ll that over mileys face anyday


Well, at least it’s not worse than what I saw with the Goliath on someone’s steam profile…because god damn it haunts me sometimes.

TMTR edit. :+1:

Dovah’s edit: Traumatising to read? I approve.


An-Alien-that-got-mixed-up-in-a-nuclear-disaster kind of spider

Or a spitting-spider-wall-spider hybrid (and yes those are actual types of spiders)

Spitting Spider

Wall Spider

<3 Have fun sleeping Arachnophobes

No, she’s far cuter than Wraith, but doesn’t quiet have Emet’s level of personality. She certainly had Markov’s level of honor, and her slight twitch shows that she might have ADHD or parkinsons, so bless her soul. Then with her kiddies running around her, she might be a loving mother.

By far the best specimen to reproduce with, but not to marry cuz she might eat you. I’ve had to end quiet a few relationships with black widows because they look at me with hungry eyes.

:v: pece