Gorgon Tackle


It’s not a big bug but I thought I should show it anyways .
Also I haven’t been able to see my pounce recticle.


Not a big bug? You were lucky you only got launched such a short distance. I’ve had this happen to me several times, with much larger distances getting covered. And what’s worse is that it does this on hits, but also on misses. It just keeps going until you somehow run into a wall or any other object.

Really weird that one.


Fixed typo in the title




So i was playing gorgon the other day to mess around, but i noticed you could wall pounce people above you like if you were on a pillar below them and they were just a little bit close next to the edge you could still grab them even, tho they aren’t under you. FYI this isn’t related to a bug issue, my post or is it ?