Gorgon strategies, discussion, and everything else Gorgon


So I decided to make a thread for the upcoming Gorgon. This will be focused around people suggesting strategies on how to use as well as face this new spidey monster. This is for everyone to start learning the monster from both points of view and build around it and help each other. Happy hunting

What are you supposed to do with the gorgon

Web snare acid enough said combo realized


Wall pounce on a Websnare/Acid pooled Hunter while his ally who was trying to save him gets caught by a Snatcher. GG.


Web Snare- to slow your opponents down while dealing DoT
Acid Spit- To leave a DoT area while sneak pouncing Hunters in the radius
Spider Trap- To control one area without letting Hunters up the hill

As @MaddCow has said she is Queen of the Hill!


A couple of things. The Pounce from the wall is good for stragglers. Because most Hunters don’t look up they might not see you so you can debate if their formation promotes a worthy engage or not. If not just go back the way you came. (Careful though, she is fairly loud for a monster).

The dots on abilities stack. You can damage a Hunter while it is in your Trapdoor Spider with either abilities or melee attacks. (Your melee won’t break it early)

Her traversal is fairly slow to recharge but can be used for some nice tight cornering around things.

I’ll post more info when I’m no longer on this flight.

As @evolvinman said, she is really good at holding the high ground.


It looks like to use mimic to deal heavy damage and to punish grouping.

It looks like a good move to start an engagement to surprise them and start dot’ing them to death.

looks like the main combo though will be websnare and acid spit.

although use the spide rto deny revives because as @MaddCow showed us on the stream, it is a really good counter to lazarus.


First off, nice job at the live stream!

Back on topic.

I get the feeling that the gorgons traversal would be best used right before the previous traversal completely runs out. I saw a few times where people mashed the traversal while only halfway through the jump. So do you get more distance jumping again at the top height of the previous jump, or jumping at the last second of the previous jump


Great against Laz AND cloakers. Cloakers usually go in solo to rez someone and aren’t shooting so the spider almost is guaranteed. I feel you’ll see a lot of ppl Double Tapping ‘bodies’ to kill spiders possibly before running in.


Thanks :slight_smile: It was a lot of fun. I was slightly nervous because I had maybe 20 minutes of actual practice against bots before the live stream and was thinking I was gonna biff it.


It is to help maintain height as she has a slow decent. Also, From higher up you can get better vantage points of things. However, I do agree that even myself were probably not optimizing are ‘slings’.


have a hard time calling it that haha. Looks too much like goliath 's animation other than punching the air superpowers him to double or triple jump mid jump hahahaha. Still love it tho.


It’s very responsive to use.


She’s not particularly good at melee range or in open areas with nothing tall to snipe from.

Jack counters her traversal very well from what I’ve seen.


I love playing Jack against her. Stopping a Mimic feels awesome.


Hey Mac. Can you tell us the numbers of damage each of her ability does?

And if possible do the same for Goliath so we can compare damage of ability + the dot vs the flame breath.

(Sorry if its posted somewhere else)


It seems like double tapping will be standard. I can see Hyde and Markov going up in use. Lennox too. It also means people need to have their eyes up and recognize the terrain more. She could be a problem in the right tree or cave entrance. Meaning no one gets to go alone ever.


I would stay off of main roads and double tap elite wildlife too.


I feel like her acid pool can be a good Laz counter also. It looks like it does some killer damage if you stand in it even just for a little while. Down a hunter, acid all over (maybe a spider egg also) and then forget it? I’m so curious about how this affects the meta.


One thing im thinking is that Gorgon might have an easier time putting distance between herself and the hunters. Reason being that Gorgon in much more adept at ambushing, so hunters need to someone slow down and make sure they arent walking into an ambush. Not only that but now they have to visually search for a hanging gorgon. All of which should slow down the hunters, even if only just a bit.

Im really excited about Gorgon. Her kit is VERY interesting. Her kit has both huge advantages and disadvantages.


Hey what I miss