Gorgon, strange claw


Has anyone else noticed this? I just spotted it when I saw gorgon upon opening the game. Looks like her right claw had extra digits further up while her left claw looks totally normal


That’s because it’s her traversal/whip hand. A bit late to the party :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, nice find

I don’t think I realized this


It’s the hand she uses to sling herself. I’m curious how many people didn’t notice this.


Oh cool, didn’t know that :stuck_out_tongue:


Same as her head, all messed up.


The upper portion of her right hand shoots out, connected to her body by those stringy muscle-things that run through her limbs. I’m pretty sure she has the extra digits to help her reel it back in.

You can notice occasionally when using what I refer to as her, “long heavy melee”. She whips her hand over her hand and slams it into the hunters from the right.


The right arm does not have a flexible wrist like the left does. Instead there is malformation that leaves that arm longer than the left with extra digits extending from it. That left arm is the reason Gorgon has that heavy attack where it slings one arm over an extended range.


Maybe Gorgon is just a huge living stretchy cheese? She does have a Gorgonzola skin after all…


The Gorgon Queen will help u lol

here is a perfect look

btw i hv played against u in a match u hv play as Behemoth xD




That’s awesome. And yeah, that Hank/Val combo was annoying :confounded:


Wow! Great shots!


that 2nd one is just a screenshot i found on google xD


Woah woah woah, so your telling me she detaches her entire hand?!





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