Gorgon Stats?

Hello I was wondering if we could get the full stats on Gorgon. For instance all her stage 1-3 abilities dmg scale and heavy melees.

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@MacMan we need your stats!

Already? It has been practically a day. Will there be any particularly meaningful stats to see?

Her health has already been reduced. Patch notes say its in the hundreds, is she really THAT squishy?

She feels really slow when sneaking. Like really really slow.

No xD

The health reduction is referring to the spider traps.

Worth noting that the Gorgon stream was running the current build, meaning nothing has changed since then. The Gorgon changes are from a while back.

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Oh. Thanks, I thoght they were separate. Nearly gave me a heart attack lol

If her health was that low, the game would be over VERY quickly :wink:

I’ll be interested to see how much damage her Spider Traps are doing, given that most incaps that I’ve seen, happen as a direct result of them. They do pretty decent damage, and pretty much nullify that hunter for a while, which is especially great if you manage to get support or medic :slight_smile: