Gorgon Skins


All current skins that Gorgon has.

Note: Not all may be available to the public at launch as they are timed exclusives.
#Video Showcase
######Courtesy of @MaddCow


#TRS Gold

#Elite Skin

#Scarab Skin
(Available to those who bought the Hunting Season 2)

#Scarlet Skin

Where are the buyable skins?


these look amazing


These look really cool. Thanks for posting these shredder, haven’t had a chance to watch the stream. :smile:


Oh good, HPS2 peeps get Scarab, that one looks best IMO.

Good list Shredder.


Is this confirmed to be the HSP2 exclusive skin? I can’t find confirmation anywhere.


I just got it from Shredder. :open_mouth: I assumed that they said it on stream.

@10shredder00 Source?


Chloe said the Scarab Skin comes with the Hunting Season 2 Pass, but they didn’t say it was exclusive, as far as I remember.

I would expect timed exclusive at the most.


Awesome, thanks @MidnightRoses & @Aramet!


All the skins look lovely.


SlabOMeat (TRS co-founder for those who don’t know) said that all DLC will be timed exclusives at most, so I’d keep my eyes open. :P<G


From both @MaddCow and the official stream.

Exclusive to the HSP2 like the magma skins were to the HSP1 owners.


As I recall those are on the store now. They’re timed exclusives. :wink:


Its not exclusive. Just buy the season pass if you want the skins :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think they are. Might be wrong though :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the Elite Skin.

And her Mimic Icon.


Pretty sure they are.


So I doubt there’ll ever be any exclusives.


I didn’t say it was exclusive, and I have the pass…

I said at the most, it’d probably be timed exclusive.


Updated OP :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, Magmas are not exclusive. On in game Steam store and Xbox store:

etc, etc.


Wonder when Scarlet will be released.