Gorgon should be diffrentiated from M Goliath


Gorgon is not viable in tournaments and competitive games. But problem wont be solved just adjusting some buff to Gorgon. Since Gorgon and MG both has a Dot-DPS concept. That simillarity must make players to compare which is better, and abandon one side.


Uh they play completely different. Nothing to do with dots.


this time i gotta agree with cat there,gorgon is most mobile monster ingame without any perks. You can stage up more easy than with mg.


Actually, although they are both centralized in DOT, there is one key difference, and that is that while Meaty’s DOT is more reliable, Gorgon’s stacks. She has a different form of DOT with all four abilities and if she’s capable of landing them all in a short enough amount of time, that’s four instances of DOT hitting the enemy.