Gorgon queen


Is there an image of the gorgon queen


Best I have is this.


So there are 2 monsters now?




Just Google kim kardashian


I heard its co-op. my first thought was that 2 people at split screen can play but I don’t understand why the debs would do this if they will only my the map exclusive to it. so my second thought is that there’s 2 monsters, I was thinking this meant 2 players playing monsters but now I remembered its only against ais


sick burn dude


It’s four people fighting an AI monster. That AI monster in this case is the Queen.


Okay see, I read a post that someone said they were playin wraith on the map so that’s what I thought


Probably a bug if anything.


Maybe you mistook them saying the map was wraith trap for playing wraith on the map?



Queen Gorgon is an entirely new Monster so yes. There are two Gorgons now.


Does she look different at all:


I know that


Is the art really necessary?


But but… it’s a Queen! :crown:

You want the original one? :slight_smile:


Yesh, bucket



What’s the difference