Gorgon Price


I know this may sound like a stupid question but does Gorgon cost $10.00 with tax or just $ 10.00 because I only have the $10.00


On steam I saw it was 4.99


I’m on Xbox one I don’t think the prices would be the same


I believe it’s $9.99 on XB, not including the tax


So there is tax


Oh right, i just made things more complicated, there is no tax…should be no tax


I hope not. Thanks for the information


Microsoft charges tax on all of their digital items as far as I know, depending on where you live Steam also charges tax, Sony does not charge tax though in my experience


It depends your state and how they set up taxes. I think the only place that doesn’t have a sales tax is Oregon as I remember? But I know I pay taxes for things I buy on XB1 in PA


And people said the DLC prices were too high😧 what the where’s my emoji


Not for me ^.^ (or other PC players)


You need a space between the word and the colon of the smiley, then it’ll show up :wink:


I am on xbox. Xbox does not seem to add tax just the actual price so technically it is $9.99 how else would I have 7 cents on my account? :wink: I just buy a lot of skins


I don’t believe any digital products ‘add’ extra tax, I believe everything is already calculated into the final price. I have yet to purchase something online that wasn’t the exact price I paid for on steam. So the Gorgon might really be like 9.50 but it totals 9.99.


whenever something is 9.99 on steam and I buy it, 9.99 is taken away.

So it’s probably what cow said.


What I paid for the Hunting Season 2 pass

Steam - $24.99 (listed as $24.99)
Xbox One - $26.89 (listed as $24.99 + tax)

Stupid Microsoft


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