Gorgon pounce then never being able to stop


I pounce a hunter well I pounced daisy and I just kept whaching her and I never could stop and or get off and she never died so the hunter just came and destroyed me in that one spot until I died


Hey @uberwarrir, I think this might be a bug they’re already aware of where you can’t stop being pounced on a hunter. Has it happened with any other pounces for you?


I had that bug, you have to go the menu and take a break, this will stop the pounce.


Just that last time, I’ve seen it on a video before to but that was the only time it’s happened to me, but when you pounce hunters sometime you also go flying through the air with said hunter, that’s happened to me a few times


Only with the wall pounce


Did this happen within the last few hrs on XB? On Refueling Tower?
If so, I have video of this happening to you lol


Yeah, it was weird that Daisy was at no health and didn’t die, and when Gorgon went into her “death” animation Daisy was still attached to you.


This is a known bug, and I think it’s being fixed in the upcoming title update :slight_smile:


Skip to 0:50 if you don’t want to see the intro.


Yea that was it, I thought I had the perfect trap set until I got stuck and destroyed lol