Gorgon Pounce Freeze


Saw the new patch, decided to play after a few odd months of not touching this game. Playing as gorgon and I was doing alright until I was frozen in my pounce animation. Lmao not bashing or anything but I don’t think it’s good for that to happen to players who are deciding whether or not they should come back. Still, excited for the new stuff to show up! Eventually…;-;


Wall pounce bug? Nah, that’s been around for months but I’m sure it’ll be fixed Soon™


So should I just avoid using wall pounce at all? I read that it does less damage and noticed it in game too so maybe it’s not even worth the risk


It’d be best to avoid wall pouncing because there is a chance of triggering the glitch. Unfortunately, stuff doesn’t get fixed as fast as it should but there is a big ass update coming in summer that will change the game for the better. If evolve isn’t hooking you in now I’d suggest coming back in a month or two when the new title update comes out.