Gorgon Pounce Freeze Bug (With Video)


I was experimenting in Quickplay with the Gorgon today when this bug happened. I did a wall pounce on a hunter. However, the hunter was not taking any damage. I also could not cancel the pounce or take any other action. Link to video below.



Bug? You mean Feature.

The thing happens when you are wall pouncing and take damage mid air before connecting with the hunters. @Noodles Can we get some confirmation?


You can cancel this bug by letting the bot take over using take a break. This however makes it to were the hunter you pounced becomes stuck to your body whenever you take back control of the monster. I’m pretty sure to get the hunter unstuck from your body you stick to a wall and they just fall off.


Well that sounds amusing.


that only works in non ranked queues. ranked doesn’t allow you to take a break. @Onetrolltorulethem @Tipper117 what onetroll said, if you are going from wall to hunter and are being shot at before you land, it will happen 100% of the time.

Funniest part is, this glitch didnt start happening until the teleporting traversal was fixed, mainly due to being impossible to actually hit the gorgon while its using web sling. soon as it was fixed though, this started to happen more and more frequently.

As shitty as it is, it is fixed in TU 9.


Cool. Yeah I wasn’t too bent out of shape about it, just want sure if it was reported yet. Glad the fix is coming quickly though. Thanks for the info.