Gorgon OP?


I’m genuinely curious what people think of her now that she’s had a little adjustment in terms of numbers.

Personally I never thought she needed much of a boost to her damage in the first place. With the right movement and aim, you could easily web snare an entire team and spray the acid all over them; toss the spider trap and (wall)pounce the remaining player.

However now you can actually use mimic quite well, and I must say the results are quite devastating! Adding this ability to the already strong combo power of acid/web, I’m just sat there watching as the medic desperately tries to outheal the damage.

Discuss! :smiley:

The General Attitude of the Hunters

I’ve yet to see a Gorgon with this micropatch. Buuuuuuut she might be up on the boards with her buffs?


In the right hands I think people might see her as OP.

However this is only going to last like 2-3 months until the TU. And it’d be nice to see some Gorgon instead of only Krakens


Wow, that was quick

OT: I too have yet to see how it turns out.


Give it like two weeks, there’s no reason to discuss this yet until people have adjusted.


Haha. I’m just curious as to what people think. I’ve been maining Gorgon since release, and I’m well versed in how she works.

I haven’t lost a single match yet with Gorgon since the patch has landed, and I’ve already decimated 6 different groups. That’s not a winrate of 50%.


To actually be constructive to the topic; no.

With her Web Snare nerf no longer slowing JP, it’s a bit tougher to get the acid/web combo going. Mimic is finally what it should have been to begin with. Spider Trap is kinda iffy for me. I mean, faster movement is nice and all, but it’ll do less damage, though not an incredible amount less. It’s also a lot squishier now, which I dislike.

Her buffs weren’t really big enough to push her over the top, but they were enough to reward skilled play a lot more.

That’s also not long enough to actually measure anything. Give it a month or two for everyone to get adjusted to the changes before you go saying she’s “OP”. Some Hunters just got nerfed. People need to learn to play with the new values. If you’ve been using her since her release, of course she’s working well for you. They’re buffs, after all.

Like Skillz4u2envy said. Wait a while, then offer opinions because there hasn’t been enough time for it to sink in.


You’ll find there’s a question mark in the thread title, and not an exclamation mark.

That’s what I’m saying. I personally didn’t need this much of a buff on her. Mimic in its previous form was rather lacklustre, but I managed to make my builds work with or without it quite easily. Now that it’s a viable ability to use, it doesn’t even matter where I place the points anymore; Gorgon will be devastating to any unprepared team regardless of their coordination.


Those bugs are stupid insane!


I have no idea why, but that little exploitable never fails to make me laugh whenever I see it.


In this thread, sure, but in the other, you were saying she’s blatantly too powerful. It’s a small forum.

I agree she largely didn’t need many buffs for the niche players, but the less-experienced Gorgon players get rekt when using her (yes, this includes me), and I think this was aimed more at making her a bit more universally usable than just making her stronger in general.


Was the wall pounce bug fixed? Or is that in TU09?


At most I said she’s more of a threat than Kraken is; by any means I consider Kraken quite balanced. The other thing I said was that she was broken; I also considered Slim to be broken, and not many people agreed on that.

I think fixing the mimic would’ve sufficed if that was all they wanted to accomplish. Having a lacklustre skill made it hard to work out a decent build, and there was little forgiveness for mistakes with the likes of WLM and Slim running around. Now there’s a lot more breathing room for you to think, and wait for the hunter team to make a move; like a proper spider would.

That’s title update, sadly. I imagine they’ll decrease the damage numbers on the skills once the pounce has been fixed. If not, the balance team will have an even bigger problem with Gorgon.


That’s a code fix, so it has to be in the TU.


played again @foreveralone231. He makes Gorgon seem OP. Granted I was also playing with people I barely ever play with amd as a medic I’m not the most familiar with.

Also Forever is just a great player.

Two separate people have pounced me while I was high up in the air though. Not sure what’s up with that…


Gorgon is fun. You can one-shot a spider with Cabot now.


Yeah, “broken” equates to either stupidly UP, or OP, and I’m pretty sure which it was referring to.

I agree with this. Don’t like using the Web and Trap now. Doesn’t feel the same. I AM glad the wall pounce was nerfed, however. Feels less like cheese now to use it.


I’m fine with the gorgon, except for the bug, why buff it more than double?? Doesn’t make sense why you over buff things. It was 5m/s before why not try out like 7 or 8m/s… 12? That’s asking for a monster to win, the thing is like a banshee mine coming at you, its fast!


Speak for yourself, I’m not sure I’ve had an enjoyable experience against a gorgon ever, win or lose. :stuck_out_tongue:


i must sadly say Gorgon is OP now i hv play against a very awful gorgon player whit a lv 40 team and we lose in seconds I love my wonderful Spider but the Acid/ Web snare buff is insane