Gorgon Mimik Bug since the Macropatch ( Take a break didnt work )


A very nice Youtube Streamer has recorded this bug after the Macropatch i asked him to post it here one forums

( u can see he cant fix it via " Take a Break " and Gorgons Mimic skin get sadly destroyed by evil hunters lol and u can see she feels very sad )

I already make a topic about this " plz dont kill me " bug a long time ago but this is kinda new because " take a brake " didnt work sometimes

TRS i love u and Gorgon so i hope it will be fixed in TU9 ^^

I know Gorgon is a bug but she didnt must be so buggy :stuck_out_tongue:


The TU can’t come soon enough…

I guess he deserved it for FT3 since he had no HP loss.

Gorgon, gorgon, gorgon…

Get yo mimic together, bug.


he never do FT3 that trapper was jut bad maybe i watch his streams alot :stuck_out_tongue:


Bad trapper = bad monster karma.


The “Hunters Win” screen was really cool at the end though. Sucks this happened. I wonder what would have happened, if anything, if he exited to the desktop and then came back in?


Insane_521 said it’s fixed in TU9. :slight_smile:


I ran across this last night too. Good to hear that it’s fixed. Have to say, my Slim in Broken Hill Mine was relieved when we were domed in that huge, open-air area.