Gorgon Mimic


How do you use this skill well? For some reason the radius seems relativity small and the damage underwhelming for the risk of making your self stationary while using it. I often feel I’m better off going 3 web/3 acid/3 trap than putting any points into it. Maybe I’m not using it effectively. How do other Gorgon players utilize it?


You do not use it. You start with 1 point in acid, 1 point in trap, 2 points in web. Stage 2 you upgrade Acid to full, and put a second point into Trap. You should end game before stage 3. If not, you max out web and trap.



It’s better to hide and then use it. Use Web Slinging to get there faster and when there is no more assault you can use it out in the open. Although since Supports do heavy damage as well it’s best to do it when Assault and Support are dead


It’s better to have all 4 abilities than just 3


Ok, so keep doin what I’ve been doin then :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought it would be better to have 4 too…but! The last few matches when I hit stage 3, I tried putting a couple points into it so I was 3 acid 2 web 2 trap 2 mimic, and I lost more health trying to effectively use the dumb thing that I stopped using it entirely and regained control of the battle.


Not when you have to stop to use one. It’s better to aggressively assault the hunter’s faces than to attempt to hide for a mimic that MAY end up hitting and dealing 400 dmg. I have 113 wins and 2 losses with Gorgon, both of those losses came from attempting to use mimic.


There’s no reason to get Mimic right now until they add something like damage resistance when Gorgon is using the Mimic.

Also @13minus50 there is no “should end the game before stage 3” - each game is dependant on the comp you are fighting. Don’t put it into people’s heads that they should be constantly rushing folks down at S2 just because they’re using certain abilities. Gorgon is not as strong as you think (not saying she isn’t good)- and that’s coming from an Elite Gorgon who literally does nothing but play it for hours every day.


I disagree, I think that Mimic is mostly a 1 point wonder skill, but it does good damage and does a dot that people might not realize. It’s a decent amount of damage and helps burst people. With 1 point you use it more point blank than anything else.


I’ve currently only lost 2 games out of 115 with Gorgon. Only 3 of those have been in stage 3. I have JUST started playing ranked, and I was placed in Silver Master. Not that it means I’m good, I’m just experienced. I rarely see a game get to stage 3, the hunter team has to be excellent.

I usually hit stage 2 and then I find the hunters and end.


Use it similar to the Wraith’s decoy. Open with it and use it as a finisher if not under heavy fire. I use mobility more often than not so I’m unafraid of using it out in the open.

@MaddCow pointed out how I use it exactly. Keep in mind you can channel armor while it’s active.


From a hunter’s point of view I’d recommend to only use it in narrow corridors, when you’re domed, out of hunters’ line of sight and for some reason you don’t want to play aggressive. But that’s just my opinion.


Maxing put Miley’s first three abilities seem to be best right now. Assault and Support damage are in a good place right now and the Acid Spit is pretty OP right now anyways.

when you do use it, go three or don’t bother trying. Since the radius and health is petty. However you can use the mimic at only level 1 as a diversion or misleading tactic, offering a very unique and somewhat deep stealth and mind game gameplay.

Generally use it in their face or in tight places. as using it in the open will leave you very vulnerable.



I hope you have screenshots of that, to be honest. 2 out of 115 is ridiculous and is kind of an MMR failure unless you have way more hours playing Gorgon that folks are unaware of – even then, to preserve over one hundred wins is …eh.


Anyone have videos of Gorgons effectively using mimic? I want to make it work, but I can’t seem to make it work well :frowning:


the mimic is in a really bad spot mostly people just use it one point for the press 4 and press 4 again instantly to blow up someone super close to you in general tho you dont want it before stage 3


Please do not use mimic untill it gets buffed. In my opinion gorgon needs some kind of cocoon shield while she uses mimic.

I usually start off with 1 spider trap, 2 acid and 1 web blast.

Can’t wait till Gorgon wallpounce stuff gets fixed so the fights are more dynamic.


Yeah it seems the radius is way smaller than before tu 09. How it deals damage is as follow: upon the explosion it deals heavy burst damage, and then deals the same amount of damage as a quick DOT (dmaage over time). Mimic also have utility: upon explosion it kicks back hunters away wchich can be used along with other skill that kicks back - web (first skill). THe gorgon is queen of the hill so those two skills can effectivly work for constantly kicking back hunters from the cliffs and force them to use jetpacks. Another utility is causing fear and mayhem. Hunters usulaly feel threaten by mimic and instinctively run away from it - thats why you should use it for depositioning hunters and also pushing them into your spider traps.


ayt. just max out the first three skills then. it’s what i’ve been using, and it’s worked out well enough so far.

how to fix mimic though?

i propose creating an autonomous replica (think wraith ai) that has 400/300/200 hp that loses HP at a rate of 50hp/second. it walks toward the nearest hunter (or prey, if no hunters are within a 50 meter range) and explodes for 300/450/600 damage over a 5/6.5/8 meter radius when it dies. it also auto-attacks with the same damage as Gorgon’s weak strikes.

at level 1, you have a pretty annoying decoy that body-blocks for you. at level 3, you have a seeker bomb that can nuke hunters that don’t run away fast enough.



I’ve been messing around with Mimic, and I’ve started to see its utility even at level 1.

Level 1 Mimic can soak up a respectable amount of fire - especially if the hunters are all firing from the same direction. So even if they kill it, it will still take damage that’s intended for you should you get caught out of cover. Will not work, however, if one or two hunters are behind you and are shooting you up.

Second, Mimic can do some impressive damage (both upfront and over time) in two situations. One, when you get behind cover and can maneuver the Mimic around. Two, when the enemy team is split up and cannot deal enough damage to you or the Mimic.

The latter part is especially useful when the three non-assaults are focusing on their jobs (shielding, trapping, and healing) and are not shooting you with weapons. The assault, on his own, will not be able to deal enough damage to kill the Mimic. He can, however, deal enough damage to Gorgon if he gets a clear line of sight to her or he/she has an AoE weapon that will chain to you (e.g. Markov’s lightning gun)

Will experiment more with Mimic and report back.