Gorgon Mimic Question


It seems as though when mimic is destroyed by hunters (both when they eliminate it by shooting it as well as shooting Gorgon) the Mimic does not explode as if it was detonated by the player.

I haven’t been able to test this extensively yet, but I just wanted to ask…does it just disappear?

If so, I think a decent buff to Mimic (along with the health buff it is currently getting) would be to make it auto detonate upon its death. Mimic can be used effectively as is, but IMO it is still one of the least useful monster abilities in the entire game. I’m not sure if this combined with the upcoming health buff would be too much, but I would love to run a Mimic centered build that doesn’t result in a Gorgon stomping.


The mimic does explode if it is destroyed by the hunters. It disappears when Gorgon is attached, canceling the mimic. And this health buff isn’t to the mimic, its the ammount of damage she can take herself until the mimic cancels.


it does explode when it’s shot at or if you’re shot at enough. however, if the mimic “breaks” this way, it deals no damage


Ah, ok. I thought in the recent stream they said they are increasing the amount of damage gorgon can take and mimics health, now?


They didn’t mention the health on Mimic itself, just that it takes more damage to Gorgon to dissipate Mimic.


Cool. Nice small incremental buff; we’ll see how it plays out


It also will disappear without exploding if it’s destroyed too early before it’s armed and capable of detonating.


Um what?

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